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Welcome to Services To Enhance Potential!

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Making a Dramatic Difference!

Thank you for stopping in! Our website is intended to support our mission and to provide you, our consumers, families, care providers, advocates, employers, customers, staff, and the community, with information that will be useful.

We would like to hear from you too, please send your thoughts, recommendations, and questions about any aspect of our program and website to info@stepcentral.org.

What is STEP?

Services To Enhance Potential is a non profit organization providing supports and services to persons with disabilities and other mental health needs in Wayne County, Michigan.

Employment, volunteer, and other opportunities are offered to each individual promoting self determination, choice, and the development of meaningful roles in the community.

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Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Assistance.

Please inquire at any of our local Resource Centers. You may also contact our LEP Representative, David Bourque, (734) 722-1000 # 203.

Advanced Directives Information...  Pamphlet / Handbook & Forms

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Selected programs at Services To Enhance Potential have been accredited by CARF International.



 Services To Enhance Potential is funded in part by the

 Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority






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